September 18, 2020

Campus Style: Patrick Degnon

By Jordan Koziol

Degnon prefers to dress up. (Photo courtesy of Jordan Koziol)
Degnon prefers to dress up. (Photo courtesy of Jordan Koziol)

Name: Patrick Degnon
Year: Junior
Major: Finance

JK: What are you wearing?
PD: A light denim shirt from UNIQLO, green jeans from JACK & JONES, Chippewa Apache boots and Ray-Ban aviators.

JK: Where do you shop?
PD: I like to shop at J. Crew, Banana Republic and UNIQLO.

JK: What’s your favorite accessory?
PD: Ties. They’re versatile — you can go the classic route, more business casual or mix it up a little. They allow you to be classic and modern at the same time. 

JK: What’s your go-to campus outfit?
PD: A solid button-down, jeans, khakis or chinos and Sperrys, depending on how the weather is.

JK: Tell us about your athleisure game.
PD: To the gym, I’ll wear Adidas joggers with my Nike Roshe Runs and casual T-shirt or a nicer athletic shirt from Nike or Under Armour.

JK: Where do you get your style inspiration from?
PD: No person in particular. I just keep my eye on what’s trending. I mix classic styles with modern influence. After a while, you just develop an eye for what looks good.

JK: What’s the most stylish country you’ve ever visited?
PD: France. It’s a stereotypical answer for a reason.

JK: What’s one trend that you will just never understand?
PD: Sperry’s with high-top socks and anytime someone wears cargos. Actually, I hate dressing for spring in general. You have to be preppy or you just look stupid.

JK: How do plan to you incorporate style into the workplace?
PD: Where I’m headed with my career, I’ll probably end up in a suit and tie every day. I love suits, so it’s great. I’m not a fan of the monochrome black look though — it’s too formal. I’ll probably go with navy or lighter gray depending on the season and weather. You have to pair them with nice shoes, and then mix and match with the shirt and tie. 

JK: How crucial do you think a haircut is to a man’s style?
PD: Very important. I don’t think it’s hard nowadays to get a decent haircut, as long as you go to a good barber. They’re very in tune with modern styles. I usually look up a hairstyle and bring in a photo. While I was abroad, I rocked a man bun, but I recently cut it. Now my hair is short on the sides and longer on top. When it comes to hair, I think it’s important to have a classic, American look that will always be in style.

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