September 19, 2020

IMM majors win Polansky Fellowship

By Khadijah Yasin

Junior interactive multimedia (IMM) majors Chris Lundy and Ryan Laux both received the Polansky Fellowship. The grant will be used to fund two basic filming and editing seminars led by the duo that will be available for both the College and Trenton, N.J., communities.

Their seminars are now possible because of the $2,000 grant donated to the Department of Communication Studies by Andy and Maria Polansky. The donors started this fellowship with the hope that their money would go toward endeavors focused on engaging the community — something the recipients’ proposal embodied.

According to Laux, neither he nor Lundy are new to the world of filmmaking and editing.

“I started doing videos and animation stuff when I was around 12 or 13,” Laux said about his journey into film. “I wanted to learn how to do it, so I did a lot on my own time. In high school, I went to an academy school… and I learned… all of the programs we need to know kind of ahead of time,” Laux said.

Similarly, Lundy said he started very early on, with his video camera attached to his hand and constantly filming. He even started up his own YouTube channel with his friends called TheBCNnetwork, which has almost 500 videos and a following of nearly 10,000 subscribers. This is where Lundy began an extensive process of editing his own videos, which has carried through to college.

Lundy and Laux’s proposal is not the first time their work has been recognized and praised. They are in charge of developing footage for the College, such as the well-known “Welcome to TCNJ” video. They also created short films for competitions like Campus MovieFest, which their team won last year in the category “Best Special Effects” for their film “Paramnesia.”

“This year… we made our film ‘Lucidity,’ which premiered on (Monday, April 18)… and we won top four again,” Lundy said.

According to Lundy, this means their team gets to move onto Terminus, the national version of Campus Moviefest, in which they will compete with colleges all over the country.

This recognition has led to even more opportunities for both of them, including an internship at DreamWorks Animation this summer, where they will be producing videos for the Brand and Marketing departments in Hollywood, Calif.

As for their upcoming seminars, this duo hopes to share their filmmaking skills with the College and Trenton communities.

“Our proposal was to do a video workshop… for the main purpose of teaching people that are not too familiar with video and video editing the technical aspects of it (and) to give them the tools basically to make a video to tell their story,” Laux said.

According to Lundy, this knowledge can be utilized by College students and the general public as a promotional tool or just to send that person’s message.

“It’s an extension of the things that we do,” Lundy said. “We always use film and video to tell all of our crazy stories… (and) our favorite part about it is the emotion we get from people watching it… so when you apply (your story) told through that format, it could actually make a difference.”

The tool of filmmaking can be very powerful and can help the community have an impact on the rest of society, Lundy said.

According to Laux, this seminar can be expected sometime during the Fall 2016 semester and may be split into multiple days. It is completely free and available to everyone in the College and Trenton communities.

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