September 21, 2020

Celebritease: Troubled times for Taylor

By Mackenzie Cutruzzula

If your summer was anything like Taylor Swift’s, then I send you both my jealously and apologies. The pop mogul lost love, found love and burned some bridges during her very busy summer jet-setting around the globe.

The West-Swift drama continues at this year’s VMAs. (AP Photo)
The West-Swift drama continues at this year’s VMAs. (AP Photo)

After her breakup with disc jockey Calvin Harris, the two took to Twitter to assure everyone (mainly me) that the conscious uncoupling was out of respect and there was no bad blood between them (this pun will never go out of style). However, very shortly after the news of their breakup went viral, Swift was seen galavanting around Rhode Island, England, Italy and Australia with actor Tom Hiddleston. Amid rumors that the matchup was just a publicity stunt or an elaborate music video, the couple made it clear that they are very much together for real.

While news was breaking over Swift’s romantic involvements, Kim Kardashian West was preparing to make headlines herself. When her husband Kanye West dropped the single “Famous” this year, he caused quite the controversy by provocatively including Swift in the song lyrics. It was reported that Swift was never aware of the lyrics and felt they were unjust. Meanwhile, Kardashian West released videos on Snapchat that indicated otherwise.

The videos revealed a phone conversation between West and Swift discussing the song. Swift took to Instagram to publish a statement that explained while she was aware of one part of the song, she was never notified of the second reference to herself. Swift noted that she never asked to be part of the narrative. Soon after, Kardashian West fans overwhelmingly took to social media to use the hashtag #KimExposedTaylor. So far, it does not appear that any of their careers were harmed negatively in the process.

Swift was not present at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs), which aired Sunday, Aug. 28. The notorious award show did not shy away from the recent drama, as it featured an extremely long speech from West himself during which he thanked his wife, defended his choice to call Swift and asked the audience, both in house and at home, to just have a good time. Coming full circle from the 2009 VMA drama when Swift beat out Beyoncé for best female video, the “Lemonade” songstress took home the top prize of the night this year. But Beyoncé’s visual album, “Lemonade,” came with its own drama. The album seemed to allege her husband, rapper Jay Z, had cheated on her. Nevertheless, Beyoncé thanked him in her speech for “Formation,” which won Video of the Year.

Neither Justin Bieber nor ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez attended the award show Sunday night, but Bieber has come under fire recently for his own cheating allegations. Although Gomez had been dragged by the internet after her response to the video release of the Swift/West phone call, she tried to win back public support when she called out ex-boyfriend Bieber on Instagram. Bieber made it very clear that his relationship with his newest love interest, Sofia Richie, was the real deal by posting a series of photos of her to his Instagram. When fans reacted negatively to the pictures, Bieber threatened to make his account private. Gomez took it upon herself to defend his fans by alleging that he was a cheater and shouldn’t be pointing fingers. After disparaging comments back and forth, Bieber got the final word in by accusing Gomez of having an affair with former One Direction member Zayn Malik. Gomez has yet to respond to the claim.

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