September 23, 2020

Campus Style: Dress well, test well

By Jillian Greene

Try pairing jeans with a fashionable top and jacket. (
Try pairing jeans with a fashionable top and jacket. (

Although it seems like forever ago, my SAT tutor once told me that if you dress well for an exam, you will test well. Why? Because it’s all about confidence. Of course, it’s also about how prepared you are for the exam, but confidence certainly does play a big role.

Think about it — if you show up to an exam in your pajamas, you are portraying a lazy attitude. Even if you show up in your pajamas, take the exam and walk out of the classroom knowing you did well, I bet you would feel even better about it if you were walking out in a fab outfit of the day.

I always like to dress up a little extra on test days. It boosts my confidence, and if I don’t do as well on the exam as I had hoped, at least I looked good. Prior to fall break I had three exams — two in one day, of course. I was overwhelmed with stress, but you wouldn’t have known my anxiety level if you checked out my outfit.

Although I love a good pair of leggings, I always try to wear jeans to exams just because I feel best in them. Last week, I wore Hudson jeans that I got from Marshalls on clearance for $4 to my exam. Yes, $4 for one of my most treasured bargains, paired with Design Lab booties, which I bought on sale for $20, and a Free People sweater.

As I looked around the room at students quickly skimming their notes for a last-minute review, I noticed a variety of outfits: sweatpants paired with T-shirts, College apparel, football jerseys, etc. You may not put much thought into your outfit on an exam day, but I know the test-well-and-dress-well mentality works for me.

Next time you have midterm, take a few extra minutes in the morning to pull on your favorite pair of jeans and a stylish cardigan. You won’t regret it.

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