September 23, 2020

SG denounces immigration ban and discusses mascots

By Megan Kelly
Staff Writer

Student Government voted to approve resolution RS-2017-01 during its meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 15. The resolution states how SG is in opposition of the recent travel and immigration ban imposed by President Donald Trump’s executive order.

“(The ban) has the opportunity to come back, so if you’re seeing in the news ‘Oh, the travel ban isn’t a thing,’ it could still be a thing,” said Tori Mazzola, vice president of Governmental Affairs. 

Funding was granted for the restoration of the Library Café furniture, particularly the chairs.

“Weekly, chairs will be taken out and brought back into the Library Café and fixed up, so they’re not disgusting,” said Alex Moulder, vice president of Academic Affairs.

Students discuss Trump’s immigration ban. (Kim Iannarone / Staff Photographer)

He also said the green bench in the café will be refinished over the coming spring break.

Vice President of Student Services Lindsay Thomas announced that making a new lion costume is being looked into, as the current Roscoe the Lion costume is in disrepair.

“The mascot now is awful — the tail is falling out and it smells,” she said. “We’re willing and open to any ideas.”

Thomas also said moves are being made to get the mascot training program up and running. The program will train students to wear the Roscoe suit and be a mascot at various on-campus events.

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