September 22, 2020

Students receive free condoms and raffle tickets at drag show

By Kelly Corbett
Staff Writer

Grab a free condom and a raffle ticket, and take a seat. Kesha and Lady Gaga tunes blasted in the background as a mix of performers channeled their inner diva and took the stage. They looked so flawless, you might have mistaken them for Beyoncé.

Soon a posse of fraternity brothers only wearing Calvin Klein underwear, socks and glitter pranced across the floor, collecting money in Easter baskets. Dollars waved in the air, but for a good cause.

At PRISM’s Annual Charity Drag Show on Thursday, April 20, it didn’t feel like the Brower Student Center anymore, but a galaxy far, far away where Miss Queen of the Universe would be crowned.

Drag queens captivate the crowd. (Meagan McDowell / Staff Photographer)

The celestial spectacle brought in money for HiTops in Princeton, N.J., which is a youth education center that provides LGBTQIA+ services, such as support groups and youth forums. The night consisted of student acts and professional local acts donning the most fabulous of attires, while treating the audience to some stellar moves and lip-synced tunes.

The event was hosted by drag queen alumna Davida Sky (’16), who took the stage in a green and black outfit and silver ombre hair. She knew how to captivate the audience, whether it was through smooth moves or jokes.

When an old song played, she joked, “That song is gone like… Eve.”

The night also included some drag queen acts from professionals: Cyannie Lopez from Trenton, N.J., Rhedd Rumm from Asbury Park, N.J., and Princess Sequoia from Florence, N.J.

The night wouldn’t be complete, however, without student performers who competed for the title of Miss Queen of the Universe.

Audience members donated throughout the night to their favorite acts. Donations were collected by a slew of almost naked fraternity brothers from different organizations on campus.

The first student act was Dorina Dovely, who performed to Anita Ward’s “Ring My Bell.” Her act included props, mainly junior political science major and Phi Alpha Delta brother Nicholas Gangemi, and a paper plate. There was some booty grinding and an outfit quick-change by Dovely, who went from a striped dress and red stockings to a white fur coat with black stripes and some pearls. She also lost her wig in the process.

Next to take the stage was Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way, singing Evanescence’s “My Immortal.” Typically a dark tune, Ebony brightened it up with her pink headband, scarf, pigtails and skirt.

The student acts took an impromptu intermission after some technical difficulties arose and raffled off space-themed items including a galaxy pillow and a star projector.

Then, a runway contest allowed audience members to show off their sickest strut. The strutter with the most claps was deemed the winner.

Lopez took this time to share some wisdom with the audience.

“Milk does the body good, and I’m not talking about the milk you buy,” she joked. “That man milk.”

Despite being married, she joked about polygamy, as well.

“Men are like the 601 and 609 bus,” she said. “They are all going to the same place.”

Lopez then selected a man from the audience and gave him a pop quiz.

“How many legs does a rooster have?” she asked.

He answered two. Then she asked, “How many teeth does a cat has?”

When the boy didn’t know, she responded, “You know more about cock than pussy!”

The student performances then got back into full swing with duo Hyde N’Sique, performing Fall Out Boy’s “Uma Thurman.” The pair role-played the song.

Miss Virginia Hamm, wearing a full-length zebra striped dress and a furry black scarf, closed the show with “Fabulous Baby” from “Sister Act.”

She literally kicked off her performance, even hitting an audience member with her shoe.

As the performances commenced, the winners were announced and awarded a tiara and a gift card. Third place went to Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way, second place to Hyde N’Sique and first place to Miss Virginia Hamm.

By the end of the night, the event raised more than $400 for HiTops.

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