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Monthly Archives: December, 2018

College mourns loss of former Sodexo employee

Yvette “Eve” Cruz, a dearly remembered employee, has died at age 44 on Dec 14. While the cause of death remains unconfirmed, the former Sodexo cashier at Eickhoff Hall was known by members of the campus community as “the boss of all bosses.”   

Candlelight vigil honors crash victims

The campus community continued to demonstrate its power to bond together in times of tragedy during a candlelight vigil to honor the memory of Michael Sot and to support the recoveries of Ryan Moore, Anthony Galante, Danielle DeFlores, Matthew DeGenova and Moore’s girlfriend Jenna Passero in Kendall Hall Mainstage Theater on Wednesday, Dec. 12.  

Evidence ties driver in crash to Landmark Americana

Judge Anthony M. Massi delayed his opinion on the further imprisonment of David Lamar V, who was charged with vehicular homicide after the death of Michael Sot, at the Mercer County Criminal Courthouse during the case’s preliminary hearing on Dec. 11.

Trip Around the World showcases campus diversity

Students visited the Education Building Room 212 to learn that the College has a lot more diversity than meets the eye

Achievements don’t equate to happiness

In most ways, my desire to succeed is identical to that of the majority of my classmates — I fill my breaks from classes with internships, I’m active in a student organization and I work hard in my classes.

Driver charged with vehicular homicide, held in Mercer County Correction Center

Prosecutors have filed a detention motion against the man charged with assault and vehicular homicide in the aftermath of a car crash that prosecutors say killed 20-year-old Michael Sot, who was acting as a designated driver and operating the other vehicle involved in the crash, according to the Mercer County Prosecutor's Office.

WTSR New Noise

This week, WTSR Music Director Brian Marino highlights some of the best new music that the College's own radio station, 91.3 FM WTSR, puts into its...

Harry Potter spin-off fails to maintain magic

Newt is prohibited from traveling outside of England after the events that took place in New York and the confusion that ensued in the previous film.

‘Nutcracker’ puts modern twist on classic tale

A distressed Clara finds herself rummaging through the castle’s corridors in search of the key to unlock her mother’s gift.

College ensembles ring in holiday season

The performers in the concert all wore red ribbons in memory of Zujkowski and to raise awareness of heart disease.

TMT performs Broadway hits

The performers brought their own sense of style and mood to each piece, which gave the original songs a fresh twist.

Student sell original works at Arter’s Market

This annual event allows students to express creativity through their art and make items they may not normally produce in their classes.

Student soloist night ends fall semester on high note

Students escaped the cold weather and dined at Traditions on Nov. 27 while enjoying two sets of music organized by CUB Alt in the Traditions Lounge at 8 p.m.

Percussion ensemble enthuses audience

The College’s Percussion Ensemble performed on Friday, Nov. 30. William Trigg, an adjunct music instructor and the director of the percussion ensemble, conducted the group.
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