September 21, 2020

Spotlight on famous author and actress

April 10, 2012 Jamie Primeau 1

Academy Award-winning actress, best-selling author, finalist on Donald Trump’s “The Celebrity Apprentice,” guest star on television shows ranging from “Law & Order: SVU” to “Blue’s Clues,” activist, wife and mother of four — as evidenced by her extensive résumé, Marlee Matlin has held numerous roles over the course of her career, despite being Deaf. […]

Medley of marriages focus on love

March 20, 2012 Jamie Primeau 0

Though no one actually tied the knot, a symbolic ceremony took place when Prism, the campus organization for LGBTQ students and their straight allies, presented its ninth annual Queer Wedding to a roomful of students in the ABE Drawing Room. […]

Limelight: The Grammys & Whitney Houston

February 14, 2012 Jamie Primeau 0

I have a few gripes about this year’s Grammys. Don’t get me wrong — I applaud Adele’s sweep, winning six out of six awards, including Album of the Year. And I’d have a lot more issues with the show if she had lost. As much as I loved her rendition of “Rolling in the Deep,” however, why did she perform only one song? […]

Local hotels are options

February 8, 2012 Jamie Primeau 0

Living in Eickhoff Hall is commonly compared to staying in a hotel. With swipe access cards and personal bathrooms, this residence hall has been considered among the top choices for students at the College. Now, […]

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