September 21, 2020

Army says no way if applicants are gay

March 28, 2007 John Leschak 0

President George W. Bush’s plan to send an additional 21,500 troops to Iraq, primarily to Baghdad, may push our armed forces to the breaking point.

The “Army has become a ‘just in time’ organization: every combat brigade that finishes training is sent back to Iraq or Afghanistan almost immediately,” New York Times writer David Cloud said. […]

Wage vote rolled back

November 8, 2006 John Leschak 0

Lawrence Township voters did not get to vote on the Lawrenceville Living Wage Coalition’s ordinance in the Nov. 7 election due to a court-ordered injunction. The coalition has now decided to appeal the court’s ruling.

In municipalities that have passed the Faulkner Act, which includes Lawrence Township, citizens can propose ordinances without action by the local governing body. […]