October 30, 2020

Latest SRS goes from serious to silly

March 5, 2008 Joseph Hannan 0

Students presented finely honed literary works on Feb. 28 at Ink’s Student Reading Series. The prose of Tom Dunford, Signal News Editor and Michelle McGuinness, Signal Editor-In-Chief, combined with the poetry of John Boccanfuso, sophomore English major, made for an entertaining journey through the craftsmanship of literature. […]

Newspaper program controversial

February 27, 2008 Joseph Hannan 0

USA Today approached the College on Feb. 6 to implement its Collegiate Readership Program, which would make USA Today, The New York Times and The Times of Trenton available to students at the College. However, the company that owns USA Today has reportedly financially undermined and acquired student newspapers on at least two university campuses where the Collegiate Readership Program has been accepted, as reported by The New York Times and the Inside Higher Ed Web site. […]

Robots (and chairs) can ‘fuck your shit up’

February 20, 2008 Joseph Hannan 0

A deep-rooted fear was churning my stomach as I walked through the Kendall Hall TV studio doors on Feb. 13. The Gay Blades, arguably one of the New York tri-state area’s most prominent and promising bands, was scheduled to play a televised show for WTSR’s Concert Series, and I was charged with deciphering the chaos I knew would ensue. […]

Hybrid outfit set for ‘Takeoff’

February 13, 2008 Joseph Hannan 0

Trends in the modern music industry are making the prospect of career musicianship for aspiring acts worse. It used to be that talent alone was enough for an artist to make a living practicing their craft, but it seems that era has passed.

The pressures of marketing, dollar amounts and the bottom line arguably have pushed aside the significance of both the music itself and the deep-rooted feelings it conveys. […]

Corzine’s small ‘d’ democracy excludes students

February 13, 2008 Joseph Hannan 0

Any avid readers of nj.com or the Newark Star-Ledger are probably, by now, well versed in Gov. Jon S. Corzine’s plan for the economic revitalization of the Garden State.

One of the more controversial elements of Corzine’s four-step plan is Corzine’s plan to increase tolls on all N. […]

Students petition to restore state funding

February 6, 2008 Joseph Hannan 0

The Garden State Student Alliance (GSSA), an association of student trustees from New Jersey public colleges and universities, created a petition to be sent to the State House regarding the restoration of funding for higher education.

The petition – which has received 640 signatures from students at the College and over 500 signatures from students at Ramapo College and at Rowan University – is intended to call the attention of state governing bodies to both the effects of the sustained cuts made to the 2006 state fiscal budget and students’ rights to an affordable education, according to Jenna Klubnick, student trustee at the College. […]

College removes 24-hour security desks in T/W

January 30, 2008 Joseph Hannan 0

The 24-hour security desks in the Travers and Wolfe dormitories, which were controlled by the private security firm U.S. Security Associates Inc., were removed as of Jan. 21.

The announcement of the discontinuation was made in a campus-wide e-mail, signed by Jim Norfleet, vice president for Student Affairs, and John Collins, the recently-hired police chief/director of Campus Police. […]

Writers, musicians and Ink show campus The Goods

December 5, 2007 Joseph Hannan 0

As students wandered into the Rathskeller (Rat) on the afternoon of Dec. 1, many were taken aback by the sights and sounds of students reading prose, poetry and performing music. The diverse mixture of talent drew a number of students, who came only for their customary Saturday lunch with friends, into staying and listening to The Goods. […]

Country Club Apartments to hit the market

November 28, 2007 Joseph Hannan 0

The Country Club Apartments, off-campus housing units for College residents, is slated to be sold in the near future, according to Matt Golden, director of Community and Public Relations.

In the Feb. 28 “Eye on SGA” article of The Signal, Dan Scapardine, Vice President of Legal and Governmental Affairs, said the use of the Country Club Apartments, a Trenton State College Corporation (TSCC)-owned property typically used to house students, was being re-evaluated. […]

Getting the message

November 14, 2007 Joseph Hannan 0

The College will implement a text message alert system beginning Nov. 16 to better prepare the campus community for emergency situations, in accordance with its Critical Incident Plan. Connect-ED, a private company that supplies emergency notification systems for colleges and universities, will provide the service for the College. […]

Adams and The Cardinals provide a Halloween treat at Hammerstein

November 7, 2007 Joseph Hannan 0

The houselights dimmed, and the southern-tinged voice of Ryan Adams was immediately propelled from the massive speakers at New York City’s Hammerstein Ballroom, accompanied by looping synth samples and pounding bass.

It seemed like an odd introduction for alternative/country rock’s prolific resident badass and his band of virtuosos; but after all, it was Halloween in the city, and mass-weirdness was already afoot with the setting of the sun on West 34th Street. […]

College pays for added dorm security

October 31, 2007 Joseph Hannan 0

An outside security company has been contracted by the College for 24-hour security detail at the Travers/Wolfe halls’ security desks. The guards, as employees of U.S. Security Associates Inc., are not instructed to use force in dealing with breaches of security in the dormitories. […]

Winter Sounds poised to reinvent ‘indie’ on new disc

October 17, 2007 Joseph Hannan 0

Often times, a good indie record can be spoiled by a band that tries to squeeze as much noise as possible into its songs, or drowns its effects-laden guitars in an abyss of reverb to a point where they are unrecognizable.

The Winter Sounds is a band that has perfected the art of musical understatement. […]

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