September 23, 2020

Court orders student info released to Fioccos

April 8, 2009 Kelly Duncan 0

The College received a court order March 30 for the release of the home addresses of students living in Wolfe Hall during the 2005-2006 academic year, according to an e-mail sent to those residents by Thomas Mahoney, general counsel at the College. The order is in connection with the 2006 death of John Fiocco, Jr. […]

Discarded letters once lost, now FOUND

November 19, 2008 Kelly Duncan 0

Think twice before you carelessly throw away an old love letter. That is, unless you want to see it in print.

While most people would never collect pieces of paper found in the street, Davy Rothbart, who visited the College on Nov. 13, has built a business out of doing just that. […]

Kentucky professor argues against evolution

September 17, 2008 Kelly Duncan 0

Charles Jackson, a biology professor from Ashland, Ky., presented a lecture titled, “Does Molecular Biology Support Evolutionary Theory?” to the College’s Secular Student Alliance on Sept. 11.

Jackson, who said he has no training in theology, argued molecular biology does not provide adequate validation for the theory of evolution. […]

What you may have missed over the summer

August 27, 2008 Kelly Duncan 0

Fiocco records sealed

Police records concerning the death of John Fiocco Jr. in 2006 have been sealed by the New Jersey Superior Court. The decision came after the investigative records were requested by the Fiocco family. Linda R. Feinberg, New Jersey Superior Court Judge, wrote in her public opinion that although evidence has not been discovered to suggest that Fiocco’s death was a homicide,”(the Division of State Police) has not ruled out homicide, and a criminal investigation is ongoing. […]

Construction eats almost 200 parking spaces in Lot 3

August 27, 2008 Kelly Duncan 0

Almost 200 student parking spaces in Lot 3 are permanently lost due to the construction of the Art and Interactive Multimedia (IMM) Building.

Matthew Golden, executive director of Public Relations and Communications, said the parking spaces, which were lost despite a reconfiguration of the lot during the summer, were in the footprint of the new building. […]

Marathon reading marks marathon career

April 23, 2008 Kelly Duncan 0

As an undergraduate at Hastings College in Nebraska, Lee Harrod, professor of English, first majored in physics and then in music.

“I played tuba in the concert band and I played sousaphone in the marching band,” Harrod said.

He said it was not until he had an “enthusiastic teacher” during his sophomore year in college and he read the novels of Thomas Wolfe that he discovered his love for English. […]

Activists rally against sexual assault

April 16, 2008 Kelly Duncan 0

The steps of Green Hall were illuminated by candles and glow-stick necklaces as students gathered last Wednesday for Take Back the Night, an evening of marching and rallying against sexual assault.

The College’s 15th annual Take Back the Night rally was organized as part of April’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month and sponsored by the Women’s Center, Women in Learning and Leadership, Voices for Planned Parenthood, PRISM and other student organizations. […]

Master academic and housing plans approved

April 2, 2008 Kelly Duncan 0

The Board of Trustees approved the College’s Conceptual Master Plan on Monday, March 24, which includes all proposed demolitions, additions and renovations to the College through 2021.

According to R. Barbara Gitenstein, president of the College, the approved plan is a revision of the conceptual plan for facilities passed by the Board of Trustees in 2001. […]

Developer plans student dormitories off campus

March 26, 2008 Kelly Duncan 0

Simone Realty, Inc., a developer in Lawrenceville, is interested in building a privately owned dormitory to house College students.

The building, which will be located approximately two miles from the College, will be able to house up to 600 students.

According to John Simone, president of Simone Realty, Inc. […]

Activist Angela Davis calls for penal reform

February 27, 2008 Kelly Duncan 0

Angela Davis, social activist and self-identified communist, visited the College on Wednesday, Feb. 20 to lecture on “Race, Gender and Social Justice in the American Penal System.”

The talk was held in the Kendall Hall Auditorium as part of the celebration of Black History Month and was followed by a Q-and-A session. […]

U. of Toledo administrator named new vice president

February 27, 2008 Kelly Duncan 0

The office of the President announced on Friday, Feb. 22, that Carol Bresnahan had been chosen to fill the position of provost/executive vice president at the College.

Bresnahan is currently the vice provost for Academic Programs and Policies and professor of history at the University of Toledo. […]

College physics group plans to get spacey

February 13, 2008 Kelly Duncan 0

Brandon Bentzley and Mike Hvasta, senior physics majors, Justin Nieusma, junior physics major, and Rachel Sherman, junior physics/secondary education major, will be spending a week of their summer vacations at the Johnson Space Center in Houston.

The group, called Team DPX, was recently selected as one of 40 teams from across the nation that will have the opportunity to perform an experiment in NASA’s Reduced Gravity Student Flight Program. […]

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