September 23, 2020

Election 2006- Face the Facts

November 1, 2006 Shaina Basile 0

The New Jersey Senate election is coming up and, let’s face it, not a lot of people know who the candidates are. The Democratic candidate is Bob Menendez and the Republican candidate is Tom Kean Jr. I don’t mention third party candidates because, let’s face it, they can’t win any election. […]

Stricter policies unfairly single out Pasternack

October 4, 2006 Shaina Basile 0

If you haven’t heard this guy’s name already, then you shouldn’t be here at the College. He is infamous for winning the Student Government Association (SGA) presidency and then getting caught drinking, forcing him to forfeit the position.

Now he is getting notoriety for filing a lawsuit against the College. […]

Beauty pageants don’t negate women’s rights feminist ideals

September 13, 2006 Shaina Basile 1

In today’s enlightened society, we respect women for their capabilities, achievements and accomplishments. We know that it’s not what a woman looks like on the outside that really matters, but rather her personality, charm and brains. For years, feminists have fought for women’s rights (to vote and be treated equal to men). […]

Elderly are often overlooked, mistreated

September 6, 2006 Shaina Basile 0

Do you want to know what the saddest thing in life is? I experienced it for the first time right before I returned to the College this year. I had to helplessly watch as nursing home attendants put a bib on my grandmother so she could eat. What must that feel like to a woman who used to have Sunday pasta dinners and a special knack for buying people exactly what they wanted at Christmas time?

It was even harder looking at all the other residents there and knowing that some of them have been forgotten by their families. […]

Airport security: losing sight of what’s at stake

August 30, 2006 Shaina Basile 0

Earlier this month, British airport security detected a plot by terrorists to bomb trans-Atlantic jetliners in midair. When the terrorists’ plans were foiled, I know that I felt a sense of relief. Finally, we have airport security that we can count on. However, my initial jublication was replaced by a sense of foreboding. […]

Sheehan uses publicity for hidden agenda

March 22, 2006 Shaina Basile 0

I thought I’d write about someone we all know and love … well, at least some of us love. It’s the woman of the hour, Cindy Sheehan. I know that she lost her son in the Iraq War, which I’m sure must have been a terrible loss, but there the sympathy ends.

For one thing, I know she is a hypocrite. […]

Stay-at-home moms deserve more respect

March 8, 2006 Shaina Basile 2

Is there an available job that has no pay, no health benefits, no lunch break and definitely no pension plan? In fact, what if this job was 24/7, and you could never have a vacation? There would be a lot of openings, but no one would take the position. In fact, if this was the only job a company offered, it looks like they would be out of business faster then the time it takes to say “stay-at-home mom. […]