November 28, 2020

Students should not fear change

March 27, 2018 Julia Marnin 0

Days before I started my freshman year at the College a year and a half ago, I was extremely anxious. I did not know what to expect from this new chapter of my life and was beginning to get cold feet. […]

Students embrace new cultures while studying abroad

January 23, 2018 Lily Firth 0

The College offers numerous opportunities for students to study abroad in countries like Italy, Germany or India, to study courses through the Council on International Educational Exchange — a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization that strives to help students gain experience and knowledge in foreign places, according to its website. […]

Literature lives in study abroad session

August 29, 2017 Signal Contributor 0

While studying “Literary Landscapes,” students traveled around Europe, “(bringing) literature to life,” according to English professor and director of the trip Michele Lise Tarter.
After reading Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet,” students saw the play performed at The Globe Theatre in London and traveled to Verona, Italy to visit the play’s setting. […]