September 27, 2020

Eickhoff changes bug College diners

Roaches have been added to a list of problems Sodexho Dining Services has been experiencing in Eickhoff Hall, including unhappiness with the new lunch meat and continued problems with the dishwasher.

According to Director of Resident Dining Matt Hower, steps have been taken to solve the roach problem, such as contacting Cooper Pest Control, which is contracted by the College.

Sodexho also submitted work orders to Facilities for repairs pointed out by Cooper “to help avoid issues,” Hower said.

Finally, Sodexho contacted Ecolab, its chemical provider, for products for the drain which would help keep the drains cleaner past the point where employees can reach.

Erik Clauss, junior criminology and justice studies major, said he was not stunned to hear about roaches in Eickhoff.

“I’m not surprised about the cockroaches. I’ve seen ants in there before, so I guess an expanded insect collection was inevitable,” he said.

Clauss is also unhappy with the new lunch meat used for the sandwiches in Eickhoff.

“The new lunch meat in Eickhoff is, to put it delicately, sub-par,” he said. “Nowadays, the ham is so slimy it looks like they pulled it out of a public swimming pool. I don’t even bother with the deli anymore.”

Hower said Sodexho did not bring in the new lunch meat because of student complaints about the original lunch meat.

“We continuously look for new products to better serve our customers,” he said. “Sometimes the new products are good and accepted and other times they simply don’t work out.”

Hower said Sodexho had received negative feedback about the new meat.

“We were unhappy with the new product and had a few comments stating that the original lunch meat was better. We have since gone back to the original product,” he said.

The use of plastic and Styrofoam plates, bowls and utensils, another recent issue, has been resolved with the repair of the dishwashing machine.

“The dish machine needed extensive work done to it again,” Hower said. “As an issue was resolved, others were uncovered and needed to be addressed. With the dish machine getting older, it becomes harder to obtain the parts, and this delays the process.”

Despite the fact that these issues seem to be resolved, Clauss maintains that the quality of Eickhoff has gone down.

“Next semester I’m changing my meal plan, just so I never have to eat there again,” he said.

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