September 21, 2020

German Club unanimously denied

November 29, 2006 Maddie Patrick 0

The Student Finance Board (SFB) heard three special appropriations requests at its Nov. 15 meeting. In an unusual week of voting, SFB denied funding for one request, fully funded another and passed a request with a 13-1 vote.

The most controversial vote this week dealt with the German Club’s request for $420 for tickets to see Mozart’s “Magic Flute” at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City. […]

Cop Shop

November 29, 2006 Myles Ma 0

Campus Police officers were dispatched to Decker Hall on Nov. 17 after a report of trespassing.

The officers met with the Community Advisor (CA) who had called the police. He explained that two white males had entered a room without permission, and he showed the officers the room. […]

SGA resolves to clean up College

November 29, 2006 Joseph Hannan 0

The Resolution Regarding Residence Hall Cleanliness Upon Move-In was passed by a unanimous vote at the Nov. 15 meeting of the Student Government Association (SGA). The resolution was drafted by Chris Rindosh, vice president of Student Services, with the help of Nora Wentworth, sophomore class secretary, to call needed attention to the soiled state of rooms throughout residence halls at the College on move-in day. […]

Table set for talk on hunger

November 29, 2006 Myles Ma 0

The College was host, if only briefly, to New Jersey Democratic Congressmen Rush Holt and Frank Pallone for the Statewide Anti-Hunger Coalition’s congressional round-table on hunger.

Unfortunately, Holt had to leave to attend another meeting after spending only 30 minutes listening to the round-table, which was from 7 p. […]

Women at the College unite against sexual assault

November 29, 2006 Ria Rodney 0

The members of Lambda Theta Alpha sorority hosted a night of female empowerment on Monday, Nov. 13 with the program “Be Your Own Woman.” The event was exclusively for the College’s women and drew a large audience. Be Your Own Woman focused on sexual assault and what women can do to prevent it. […]

Ask Kayy

November 29, 2006 Signal Editorial Staff 0

Dear Kayy,

I’m a senior here (okay, super-senior) and I’ve always been known as the player type. People joke that I can’t hook up with a girl more than three times, but it’s not too far from the truth. I’ve met cute girls, nice girls, cool girls and whatever but just never felt the desire to get serious. […]

The difficulties of growing up Asian American

November 29, 2006 Patrick Hall 0

The life of a student is rarely easy, each day presenting new challenges and tests that can help build a successful future. But what happens when a student’s views on education, social life and relationships conflict with those of his more culturally traditional parents?

This was the prevailing theme at the Asian American Association’s (AAA) True Colors Discussion, which shed light on the many aspects of growing up Asian American in a society that is not always attuned to the traditional norms of Asian culture. […]

Behold the luster of Guster

November 29, 2006 Candida DeFonseca 0

Rocking Kendall Hall on Nov. 14, Guster, half of whom are from the Garden State and proud of it, played to a nearly full house. The band played the big fall show sponsored by the College Union Board (CUB) on the main stage at Kendall, supported by the New York City-based band Sam Champion. […]

Music students jazz up Kendall during funky autumn ensemble

November 29, 2006 Candida DeFonseca 0

A cadre of talented music students filled Kendall Hall Nov. 17 with the smooth, soulful sounds of jazz as a part of the Music Department’s Jazz Ensemble, directed by Gary Fienberg, assistant professor of music.

A final performance for students of the Jazz Lab class, taught by Fienberg, the students treated the audience of students and relatives alike to the pieces they learned through the semester. […]

Accordion makes strange bedfellow in orchestra

November 29, 2006 Andrew Grant 0

The orchestra filled the Kendall Hall main stage auditorium with the brilliant sounds of strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion and . the accordion?

On Nov. 18, the College’s orchestra held its biannual concert and played five pieces, including the Concerto for Accordion & Orchestra, which featured Robert Young McMahan, professor of music, on the accordion. […]

Guster’s demands include healthy snacks

November 29, 2006 Sean Marotta 0

Guster might have radio standards such as “Amsterdam,” but did you know the band prefers red wine, soy milk and Odwalla juice drink? All bands have a list of demands, formally called “riders,” in their contracts that lay out just what they want – from food, to drinks, to black athletic socks – when they perform. […]

Students wow with poetry at Reading Series

November 29, 2006 Kristen Lord 0

Poetry dominated the second Student Reading Series (SRS) of the semester, held in the New Library auditorium on Wednesday, Nov. 15.

Promoted by ‘ink,’ the College’s creative writing organization, the readings support creative expression among students at the College. […]

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