September 26, 2020

SGA, Campus Police talk tickets and other concerns at meeting

November 15, 2006 Joseph Hannan 0

James Gant, Student Government Association (SGA) executive vice president, discussed the outcome of an early October meeting with the office of Campus Police Services at last week’s SGA meeting. Concerns addressed at the meeting included issues of excessive ticketing, the Ewing Community Watch program and various safety concerns at the College. […]

‘Wellness Fest’ sugary sweet

November 15, 2006 Maddie Patrick 0

Five special appropriation requests, including one for AIDS Awareness Week, and one conference request were proposed and funded at last week’s Student Finance Board meeting (SFB).

Angel Hernandez, vice president of PRISM, and Emily Winch, PRISM’s AIDS Awareness Week coordinator, presented their request for $1,004 for PRISM’s annual AIDS Awareness Week programming. […]

Cop Shop

November 15, 2006 Myles Ma 0

The fourth in a string of bike thefts that have struck the College over the past two weeks was reported on Wednesday, Nov. 8, by a Wolfe Hall resident. The student said that on Friday, Oct. 27, she parked and locked her Trek racing bike to the rack in front of Wolfe Hall. […]

The war in Iraq on a shoestring

November 15, 2006 James Queally 0

While most politically active students on campus spent the waning hours of Election Day campaigning for their respective candidates, the College chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW) put together a non-partisan display advocating an important topic that is often overshadowed by debates on state spending and the minimum wage. […]

College tries to kick the bottle

November 15, 2006 Myles Ma 0

Recycling on campus was the issue at hand when Water Watch club members gathered to speak with Amanda Radosti, Environmental Programs specialist at the College, on Tuesday, Nov. 7.

Five members of Water Watch, the only environmental group at the College, spent the hour-long meeting expressing their concerns to Radosti, who works in the department of Occupational Safety and Environmental Services, about recycling in residence halls, academic buildings and outdoors. […]

Spellings Report outlines challenges for College

November 15, 2006 Sean Marotta 0

Faculty and administrators gathered to discuss the impact of the Spellings Report, a Department of Education report on the state of higher education in the United States, in the New Library auditorium on Tuesday, Nov. 7.

The discussion, led by interim provost Beth Paul, revolved around how the College should respond to the report and how the College can meet some of the report’s challenges. […]

Ask Kayy

November 15, 2006 Signal Editorial Staff 0

In case you weren’t titillated and aroused enough by last week’s column, here is part deux of Kayy’s smokin’ hot kinky sex tips list.

6) Pleasure Pack: Mint tingle, twisted pleasure, shared pleasure, pleasure for her, warming, flavored, magnum, colored, studded and striped. […]

Late night events offer an alternative to partying

November 15, 2006 Matt Stambaugh 0

Take the letters between T and W and you get UV. This simple reasoning was the inspiration for the name of one of this semester’s most successful series of on-campus events – UV Latenite – which takes place every Friday night in the T/W Dining Hall which is, of course, between Travers and Wolfe halls. […]

Alum supports pro-choice in South Dakota

November 15, 2006 Paige Nestel 0

This past Tuesday was Election Day, and there was, as always, a great deal at stake: the election of new congressmen and senators, control of the House and Senate, and – perhaps most importantly – women’s reproductive rights, as an abortion ban ballot initiative was voted down 56 to 44 percent in South Dakota. […]

Noted author discusses his Asian heritage

November 15, 2006 Sharon Tharp 0

Students listened intently while best-selling author Da Chen spoke about his experiences emigrating from a rural area of Communist China. The event took place on Oct. 9 in the New Library auditorium as part of Experience Asia month.

The event, sponsored by the Asian American Association (AAA), also featured Chen playing his bamboo flute, answering questions from audience members and autographing his new novel using his native brush calligraphy. […]

Never forget: Stories of the Holocaust

November 15, 2006 Erin Duffy 0

Irving Shmookler was in no way prepared for the sights that awaited him at the Mauthausen concentration camp – the walking skeletons, the prisoners with stomachs so shrunken that they could not eat.

Shmookler, a United States Army veteran who liberated the camp during World War II, was a presenter at “Speak Out: Voices of the Holocaust,” which occurred on Wednesday night in the Mayo Concert Hall and was sponsored by Hillel/Jewish Student Union and the Second Generation Holocaust Education Fund. […]

Band name shouldn’t deter from decent album

November 15, 2006 Chris Kubak 0

.And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead

“So Divided”

2 out of 5 stars

For those who are not familiar with .And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead, odds are the band’s ridiculously long name will put many of you off.

But make no mistake, these guys from Austin, Texas released arguably the best album of this decade, 2002’s “Source Tags and Codes. […]

‘Come on down’ to hear Conte read at SRS

November 15, 2006 James Queally 0

They always tell you to start with a joke.

Tara Conte, senior English major and longtime fiction writer and poet, takes these words to heart every time she sits down in front of her laptop.

“I write about things that I think are funny,” Conte, who is also director of the College Union Board, said. […]

Students stand up in comedy competition

November 15, 2006 Kristen Lord 0

Three very funny students showed they had what it takes to rise to the occasion by securing their spots as finalists at the “Catch a Rising Star College Comedy Challenge,” held on Wednesday, Nov. 8 at the Rathskeller.

The students, Adam Mamawala, sophomore communication studies major, Jason Cantor, freshman business management major, and Vegas Lancaster, sophomore philosophy major, showed off their skills in stand-up comedy, beating out seven other contestants. […]

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