October 23, 2020

Construction is safety risk

For most students living off-campus, a sidewalk and a driveway are a commodity taken for granted.

For students living in College off-campus houses on Pennington Road, however, these necessities have been taken away due to the constant construction that seems to be disrupting students’ daily routines.

This has most obviously manifested itself in parking for commuters, but for the residents of Pennington Road, it has become a quality of life issue, and a safety one, as well.

With no driveway due to construction, how would an ambulance get to the front door of one of these houses? How would a fire truck pull up to spray one of the houses with a hose?

The last thing the College needs is a lawsuit because these students don’t have access to emergency medical services, should something happen.

In addition, the residents of the houses don’t have a sidewalk connecting them to the College. The temporary sidewalk that connected the transfer houses to the Lot 5 area has been closed, forcing students to find an alternative route to get onto campus for classes, meals and activities.

These students pay the same amount of money for room and board as everyone else, but they now have to deal with the noise, inconvenience and safety hazard of construction surrounding their houses.

Resident Emma Halsey is quoted as saying she feels disrespected by the College.

These residents should not only feel disrespected, but concerned for their safety as well.

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