October 29, 2020

News Bits

  • Three British Muslims were convicted Monday of plotting to murder thousands by downing at least seven trans-Atlantic airliners in simultaneous attacks designed by al-Qaida to be the deadliest terrorist strike since Sept. 11, 2001.
  • Iran veered closer toward the possibility of being slapped with tough new international sanctions Monday after its president refused to stop enriching uranium and the U.N. nuclear watchdog warned of a “stalemate” with the country.
  • In Iraq, suicide attackers struck near a Shiite mosque north of Baghdad and a checkpoint west of the capital on Monday as bombings killed at least 17 people nationwide.
  • Democratic Sen. Max Baucus on Monday pushed a new health care plan including an industry fee to help pay for covering the uninsured, as President Barack Obama said insurance companies must share accountability for the troubled system.
  • Mexican President Felipe Calderón on Monday announced the resignation of Mexico’s attorney general, leader of the war on drug cartels.

Information from AP exchange

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