October 31, 2020

Two editors bid farewell to their beloved paper

There was once a prophecy made by an aging old oracle about a young, dashingly handsome, incredibly intelligent and all around-amazing journalist who would join the ranks of The Signal and lead it to never-before-seen heights. In my junior year, the prophecy came true when former Arts and Entertainment Editor Joseph Hannan hoodwinked me into wasting away every Monday for the rest of my college career in the worst basement room in the history of basement rooms.

In my senior year I become Sports Editor, and spent an ungodly amount of hours in the window-less abyss of the Brower Student Center basement. Some Monday nights I would be up until 5 a.m. throwing together articles and pages at last minute. Other nights I would be bashing my head against a wall, wondering how I could possibly finish all my work when I was spending nearly 16 hours laying out a sports section most of the student body would probably never read. And the funny thing is I haven’t regretted one single minute of it.

As much as I may bitch and complain about the stress or amount of hours I’ve put in to this silly newspaper of ours, my only regret is that I didn’t get involved sooner. As someone who never joined clubs in high school, I found my time in The Signal to be some of the most challenging, enriching and rewarding ways to spend my Monday and Sunday nights.

Every person I’ve interviewed, written for, wrote about and worked with has left a lasting impression on me that I will never forget. I will most certainly not miss laying out sports pages until the early morn next year, but I will miss everything else about this awful basement. To everyone whose contributed to my Signal experience, thank you for being part of one of the best decisions of my live and for helping to shape me in to the person, journalist and editor I am today. I wish everyone the best of luck in the future, and think of me from time to time.

— Garrett Rasko-Martinis
Sports Editor

I’m Tim Lee. You may know me as that guy that shows up at your events, takes your picture, and leaves. For the past two years, I’ve been the eyes of The Signal. I’ve had a whopping 587 pictures published as of last issue. I’ve gone to more concerts, comedy shows, plays, politics forums, meetings, art exhibitions, lectures and sports matches than anyone else on campus. Chances are, if it was newsworthy, I was there at least once in the past four semesters.

I’ve gotten to do some pretty exciting shit on the job. I’ve crept the Towers looking for models for Let’s Talk About Sex (*knock knock* “HEY CLIMB ON TOP OF HER AND LET ME GET A PICTURE”). I’ve stepped over assed-out students at Homecoming and waded through the sloppy half of the student population, repeatedly being asked drunkenly to take their picture (“C’mon…man. I’ll give…you a beer if you put me on the front page”). I watched the campus unite (for some really passionate and dramatic images) when we were told that “God hates fags” and to “repent or perish.”

Before I joined The Signal, campus bored me. Aside from the big-name concerts and comedy shows, I never took advantage of campus-sanctioned events and activities. I rarely attended concerts in the Rat, watched fellow students perform on stage or cheered on our sports teams. Then I joined The Signal. What better way to appreciate what this campus has to offer than by going to everything at once?

It’s been fun, and it’s time for me to step down. I know I’ll only benefit with my newfound appreciation of campus life and activity. Next time you’re bored on campus, remember that there’s plenty going on. Just look.

— Tim Lee
Photo Editor

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