October 29, 2020

Board gives College execs new power over legal settlements

The College’s Board of Trustees approved the Settlement of Litigation, Claims and Separation Agreement policy on Dec. 7. This policy grants President R. Barbara Gitenstein, general counsel Thomas Mahoney and the Board the authority to settle legal actions taken against the College.

According to the policy that Mahoney drafted, it concerns litigation, claims and separation agreements filed against the College. The policy defines the measures each College entity is licensed to take when faced with such legal action.

The College has settled legal action against itself before. This policy exists to regulate how it can do so.

“It is appropriate that certain authority … now be formally delegated, pursuant to a detailed College policy that concerns consultation and reporting requirements,” the resolution approving the policy states.

Implementing this policy, Mahoney hopes, will “retain proper concern for oversight, accountability and transparency.”

The College also submitted its budget request for fiscal year 2012. The total proposed budget is $222.82 million, with $41.94 million coming from the state. Under this plan, tuition would bring in $72.81 million or about one-third of the budget.

Information courtesy of Board of Trustees meeting agenda.

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