October 31, 2020

Campus Style

New year, new you. You’ve heard the old expression countless times, on everything from weight-loss commercials to the excessive promotions of self-help gurus. But there are many ways to reinvent yourself aside from shedding that stubborn freshman 15 or watching Dr. Phil episodes on repeat. A fun, simple way to feel better, look better and dare I say, change your life, is to update your wardrobe. Are you bored of your signature T-shirt and jeans? Do you feel as though you’ve made wearing a hoodie and sweatpants to class too much of a habit? If so, then there’s no better reason to make 2011 the year to start dressing for the impression you want to give, and the life you wish to lead.

I have vowed to make 2011 the year I stop wearing my gym clothes to class. Even though dragging myself to the gym is often a large enough effort in itself, I’d rather go through the trouble of packing an extra bag than having to walk around campus all day like some type of gym rat. Also, while I’ve always claimed it to be my favorite color, I’ve decided to stop wearing so much black, and instead integrate more bright, bold pieces into my daily wardrobe.

Here are the style resolutions of some of the College’s most fashionable students for the new year:

“In 2011, I want to wear more Oxford shirts and knee-high socks. These pieces are classic yet always stylish. I want to rely less on Hanes men’s v-neck shirts to go under my blazers or cardigans. They are so great, but there are definitely more feminine options. In 2010, I had blunt bangs for a few months. They cramped my style. Not for me, never again.”—Amy Ogbonna, junior business administration major

“This year, I want to clean up my act and begin dressing like an adult. No more jeans and untucked shirts. It’s time to whip out the button-downs and slacks. I loved getting dressed this past semester for student teaching and really want to continue the trend.” —Nikolaos Dogas, senior music education major

“I’m definitely looking forward to wearing my new lace-up wedges that I received for Christmas. I’ve also added a lot of basics to my wardrobe like white v-necks, skinny jeggings and comfy cardigan sweaters. It’s so easy to incorporate a trendy accessory like a multi-layer necklace with a basic foundation.” —Emma Kapotes, sophomore graphic design major

“I was planning on stocking up on new jeans this year, until I started my three-day-a-week internship … then I realized I really need more skirts and tights! I love the sheer black tights with patterned hearts I got for Christmas — you’ll probably see me in those a lot. Since I’ll be graduating, I want to start building up my professional wardrobe. But with suits in fun fabrics like tweed, of course!” —Cori Barone, senior Spanish and communication studies double major

“This year, I want to wear a lot of black, and I’m obsessed with extreme silhouette differences. I’ve been doing it a lot lately, and I like wearing big, big button downs with straight to tight pants. I want to look more serious, and look good ALL the time. I don’t care if I’m just picking up dog poop in my backyard, I want to look good.” —Sean Devlin, senior international business major

“In 2011, I am going to try out jean-on-jean, attempting to make the ‘Canadian Tuxedo’ appealing and wearable. In addition, my new ‘it’ item is an Ann Taylor cape, which I’ll be sporting around campus (not so much the Harry Potter look but more along the lines of the American Apparel ads). In terms of changing my look, it’s about time I get a haircut and find alternatives to the typical high-waisted skirt weekend attire.” —Carly Koziol, sophomore communication studies major

Kristen Kubilus can be reached at kubilus2@tcnj.edu.

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