November 30, 2020

Media supports governmental snow job

April 7, 2004 Kristen Anastos 0

Flying in the face of professional courtesy and solidarity, it is once again time to flaunt an opinion criticizing the media.

In case you missed it, the past two issues of Time Magazine online have been dominated by coverage of the Fallujah incident. […]

‘May you find some comfort here’

November 11, 2003 Kristen Anastos 0

One of the most unpleasant memories of my, short, 21 years of life is of myself at 17 staring into a coffin at my friend Jeff. My recently-deceased-due-to-a-self-inflicted-gun-shot-wound-to-the-head-with-his-father’s-gun friend Jeff.

No one told us, but I could guess where he put the gun – his lips looked funny, and he always had very nice lips. […]

Residence Life reforms move-in procedures

August 25, 2003 Kristen Anastos 1

While freshman class numbers have allowed for significant residence hall reorganization, a new early arrival system has increased the safety and organization of upperclassmen arrivals.

Freshman move-in day

According to John Stafford, director of Residence Life, this year’s freshman move-in day went smoothly. […]

SGA delays impeachment hearings

April 1, 2003 Kristen Anastos 0

In an effort to remedy the underlying race issues that have risen within the Student Government Association (SGA) since the announcement that five minority members were being impeached, President Chris Portera announced his decision to delay the trial hearings until the organization’s communication problems could be addressed. […]

Forget digesting – alien film is hard to swallow

March 25, 2003 Kristen Anastos 0

“I’ve got promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep.”

Mr. Gray summed up the lives of the four main characters of “Dreamcatcher” pretty well when he uttered those 12 words.

Lawrence Kasden’s latest venture, adapted from Stephen King’s novel of the same name, chronicles the lives of four men – Henry (Thomas Jane), Beaver (Jason Lee), Pete (Timothy Olyphant) and Jonesy (Damian Lewis) – who are inexplicably tied to their past and to a fifth friend who made their future possible. […]