October 30, 2020

GOP: conventionally confused

September 11, 2012 Signal Contributor 0

These past two weeks should have clarified the reality of this election for every rational viewer — while the Democrats sounded with idealism and unity, the Republican Convention crucified fact with frenzied fiction. […]

Letters to the Editor

March 19, 2012 Signal Contributor 0

Newt Gingrich apparently thinks the Founding Fathers made a terrible mistake when they established an independent court system. Under his proposals, judges would please the President, Congress, and the public–or suffer the consequences. Presidents could […]

An equal rights poem

December 6, 2011 Signal Contributor 0

It is well-known that women have gone through plights to be on equal status with men; however, it is still not achieved. There are still prejudices and discriminatory acts against women in many areas such as work and school. We all have much to learn on equality and tolerance, but something small can make the biggest effect. […]

Finding inspiration in others’ passion

December 6, 2011 Signal Contributor 0

Sitting amongst a quarter-full audience I see 13 students swinging bells back and forth, conducting a serene rendition of the “Westminster Chimes.” One of the marshmallows I brought falls out of my ears and I can suddenly hear the performance. It isn’t quite what I am used to, nor what I would seek out, but since the marshmallow has rolled under the seat in front of me I have no choice but to listen. I get to thinking. Is the sound made for me? No. Seeing the musicians so absorbed in their art, I think again that perhaps it isn’t being done for anyone else either. They are not concerned about who sees or hears their music but are fulfilled by the mere reverberations off the theatre walls, the vibrations they feel in their chests. Nagging hand-bell choir, were it not for my article in the Signal you wouldn’t even have known I was there —but thank you for the gift. […]

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