October 29, 2020

‘Sausage Party’ too saucy for some people

By Justine Wilson

With a name like “Sausage Party,” you would think this movie would be rated XXX, and I wish my theater had swapped out the film so that it was. Any corny porno would have been better than what I saw. What a lead balloon of a movie.

With a cast including Seth Rogen, James Franco, Jonah Hill and Kristen Wiig, you’d assume this movie would be amazing. However, you’d be sorely mistaken. The plot couldn’t support the star-studded cast, and if that wasn’t enough, the crude jokes were overplayed to a point of insanity. I wish I saw “just the tip” of this movie — as the three-hour ordeal ensued, I could not fall asleep quicker.

This movie pulled out all the stops. With sexist, racist and misogynistic jokes used every few seconds, the only thing that kept me from falling asleep were the screams of dying food throughout the film. Sure, this was the type of movie that you should know going into it you’ll be somewhat insulted, but leaving, I wanted to insult the writers for stealing away three hours of my life that I’ll never get back.

If you came to watch this movie in the hopes of enjoying its plot, I suggest you beg for your money back because you won’t find one in this film. Like many of us, the main character, Frank (played by Rogen), searches for the meaning of life. It’ll be interesting, right?

So wrong.

Characters from 'Sausage Party' witness horror. (YouTube.com)
Characters from ‘Sausage Party’ witness horror. (YouTube.com)

Frank, his buddies and his girl, Brenda (played by Wiig), go on a trip around the supermarket following a near-death experience with a douche.

“Sausage Party” could have made multiple political statements with two of the supporting characters representing Israel and Palestine, yet the same two jokes were bantered from their doughy mouths.

The film could have broken ground with a patent statement about sexuality (since sex is brought up so many times throughout the movie), especially since many viewers probably have minimal experience with anything that isn’t heteronormative, white or American. Rogen missed these opportunities time and time again, and put nothing but bright colors and fillers in place of his squandered potential.

Disabilities were brought up several times, but again, no good jokes were made and no beautifully accepting or uplifting themes were showcased.

It was as if the writers decided to bring up every human form, but not delve into them enough to really get anyone thinking — they were only laughing. The worst part was that the jokes weren’t even crude enough to keep my attention during this nightmare.

I even wondered if the film was intended to be seen while under the influence of some kind of drug, since the writing is so bland.

The end of the movie was the best because, well, it was the end. However, the writers threw in a weird, uncalled-for plot twist — the type that aren’t supported or implied by anything in the film.

With a budget of $19 million, I’m surprised “Sausage Party” didn’t have at least three genuinely funny jokes. Nonetheless, for those who, for whatever reason, still want to see such a film, my only advice: watch this movie at your own risk.

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