December 1, 2020

Campus Style: Alexis Keiper

By Sierra Stivala

Keiper blends summer styles with fall colors. (Photo courtesy of Sierra Stivala)
Keiper blends summer styles with fall colors. (Photo courtesy of Sierra Stivala)

Name: Alexis Keiper
Year: Senior
Major: Finance

SS: Tell me about what you’re wearing right now.
AK: A cotton, scalloped Aqua shirt from Bloomingdale’s paired with a patterned crochet skort from BCBG. I’m also wearing leather lace-up espadrilles from the Michael Kors collection.

SS: What inspired this outfit?
AK: The style itself is meant for summer weather, but the rust color incorporates fall, as well.  I chose brown shoes as opposed to white ones since we’ve entered September.

SS: What would you say is the key to dressing in-between seasons?
AK: The best thing to do is mix styles from one season with colors from another. This kind of weather allows you to be comfortable in the hot temperature, while looking ready for the upcoming fall season.

SS: Where are your favorite places to shop for these items?
AK: All the main department stores released their fall collections, but Nordstrom Rack is my go-to. It’s great because they have clothes from the summer season that can easily be made transitional. Plus, they have really great deals.

SS: What are you most looking forward to wearing this fall?
AK: Vests — I love the versatility of vests. If they’re lighter, they can be worn as part of the outfit. If they’re heavier, they can be worn in early fall as a replacement for a jacket. They’re perfect for walking to class.

SS: What types of vests do you think are in right now?
AK: So far, I’ve seen a lot of really cute quilted ones. Quilted vests with hoods are the best because they can be worn into winter.

SS: What accessories will you be wearing this season?
AK: I will probably keep wearing a watch, which is my staple. I’ve been starting to wear a lot of layered necklaces, too. They look great with sweaters and layered shirts.

SS: What’s the one thing you can’t wait to buy?
AK: I’m so excited to get new boots. My next purchase will probably be short, suede ones. Suede is really in right now, and short boots look good with both jeans and skirts.

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