September 22, 2020

Classic Signals: Missing trailer causes campus stir

By Elise Schoening
Features Editor

Every week, Features Editor Elise Schoening hits the archives and finds old Signals that relate to current College topics and top stories.

A construction trailer was reported missing from the College in 2005. While it wasn’t clear whether the trailer had been stolen by students or simply misplaced, Campus Police filed a theft report to the National Crime Information Center. A previous incident filed through the database dealt with a missing student on spring break.

Campus Police is unsure whether the trailer that was reported stolen from Lot 5 sometime between Jan. 19-21 was actually stolen or misplaced. The 20-foot long construction trailer was reported stolen by a representative from Penn Lyon Homes, Inc., the company that built the ill-fated Metzger Apartments.

Lieutenant Don Rizzo of Campus Police said that Detective Sergeant Jim Lopez is handling the case and no leads are apparent at this time. Rizzo also said that he does not know what the trailer contained.

When asked how a trailer being stolen could go unnoticed by the construction workers or anyone else on campus, Rizzo said that it could have taken place after the workers went home for the day at 6 p.m. and anyone who may have witnessed it may not have realized that a crime was occurring.

Brian Murray, director of Campus Planning and Construction, confirmed that the trailer is still considered stolen, as no one from Penn Lyon has come forward to say that it has been found.

However, both Murray and Rizzo expressed the opinion that a misunderstanding could have taken place within Penn Lyon and the trailer could have been misplaced rather than stolen. Rizzo said that occasionally it happens that someone from a construction company’s office may instruct someone to move a piece of equipment from one site to another without informing the first site’s foreman.

Rizzo said that the report of the trailer theft was entered into the National Crime Information Center (NCIC).

This is not the first time that Campus Police has entered reports from campus into the NCIC. Rizzo said that a few years ago, a female student of the college went on Spring Break to Mexico with her boyfriend without telling her parents.

The student’s mother reported her missing to Campus Police, who then broadcast an alert with her information on the NCIC.

When the student arrived back in the country from Mexico, she was stopped by customs officials when they entered her name in their computer and the alert came up. No chargers were filed against the student.

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