October 21, 2020

Campus Style: Brielle Rubin

By Jillian Greene

Rubin wears casual and cute outfit. (photo courtesy of Jillian Greene)

Name: Brielle Rubin
Year: Junior
Majors: Elementary education and mathematics

JG: Where do you shop?
BR: I mostly shop at Express. Their jeans are super comfortable, and their tops are so cute. But I also shop at Nordstrom Rack, American Eagle and I always find cute clothes at Marshalls.

JG: What is your go-to outfit for class?
BR: I usually wear black leggings with a big sweater and boots, or jeans and a cute top. I’ll usually dress it up with some type of necklace.

JG: Where do you get your inspiration from?
BR: I find a lot of outfit inspiration on Pinterest and sometimes Instagram.

JG: What is your favorite trend?
BR: My favorite trend right now has to be either the choker or lace-up tops.

Woman pairs a chunky necklace with a casual outfit. (Flickr)

JG: What is your least favorite trend?
BR: My least favorite trend is definitely the fishnet tights under jeans.

JG: Can you describe your style in three words?
BR: Casual, trendy and simple.

JG: What is your favorite accessory?
BR: Definitely my lace choker.

JG: What are you most excited about incorporating into your post-graduation wardrobe?
BR: Since I will be teaching, I’m excited to wear cute dresses and pair them with accessories such as statement necklaces or big earrings.

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