October 25, 2020

Classic Signals: A party scene is lacking at the College

Every week, Features Editor Alyssa Gautieri hits the archives and finds old Signals that relate to current College topics and top stories.

A student wrote an opinion for The Signal in 2001 about the College’s lack of a party scene. Since the beginning, the College was never considered a party school. Even now many students would agree that the College could be more exciting on the weekends. The recent addition of Campus Town has helped to liven up the campus, but should the College be doing more to encourage students to stay on campus on the weekends?

Student shares her opinion on the College’s social scene. (Alyssa Gautieri / Features Editor)

A college town.

I think that is Princeton.

A Frat row, possibly a College Ave.

Not here, but you could try University of Maryland.

There is 7-11 around the corner, but the nightlife here isn’t anything to write home about.

After going to class all week we want to have a good time. And yes, it probably does include beer.

It is not a secret that TCNJ has the weekend social life cards stacked high against them. And what it does have in its favor the students have created for themselves.

So for the part of the student body that doesn’t empty out of here on Friday, there is a system in place to ensure there is little fun.

Creating and keeping the social scene alive are fraternities, sororities and the sports teams who open their houses to the student body every weekend and provide rides to all wanting to go due to the distance from campus.

Behind Travers and Wolfe Residence Halls is where herds of students wait outside to get picked up.

But the system is meeting some adversity with campus police. A few weeks ago the police blocked off the road that leads into T/W parking lot, and even threatened to arrest freshmen for loitering.

Programming is not the answer.

Please don’t try to convince me programing is going to stop my peers from drinking.

The administration is concerned with underage drinking. It has to be. And yes, underage drinking is illegal. But this is college.

Many colleges and universities find a common ground. Rutgers, a public New Jersey university offers buses on the weekends that shuttle their students around safety when going out.

On a campus that is so desperate to create an environment that keeps people around, it is time to realize it is the people that keep people around. It is the socializing and the party atmosphere that keeps college kids on campuses.

The administration better smarten up and realize something has to be done to help, not hinder, the social life on this campus.

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