October 21, 2020

Girlpool dives into student center at CUB Alt

By Danielle Silvia
Social Media Editor

The air outside was cool, but the Brower Student Center was heating up as music blasted and three bands performed at CUB Alt on Friday, Nov. 3. The show was headlined by folk/punk rock band Girlpool, which was supported by opening acts Palm and Lily and Horn Horse.

Girlpool is based out of Los Angeles, and is fronted by Cleo Tucker and Harmony Tividad. They also have two frequent touring members, Joshua Sushman and Ross Chait. On Friday, Sushman took the lead with saxophone with Chait on drums.

By the time Girlpool took the stage, the crowd had grown immensely. The band wowed the audience with their mix of indie rock, DIY and femme punk.

Girlpool’s performance has themes of success and heartbreak. (Jason Proleika / Photo Editor)

The band’s energy and the sheer volume of the music was strong enough to captivate not only the large crowd, but also caught the attention of bystanders watching the soccer game outside or working in the student center.

Their music was not only a mix of genres, but also a blend of feelings. The songs projected a wide emotional range, with running themes of success and heartbreak. Kyle Olszak, a sophomore marketing major, enjoyed them all.  

“I felt so many emotions, love included,” Olszak said.

Jack Sofka, the CUB Alt co-chair and a sophomore English major, put an immeasurable amount of time and energy into making the night happen.

“I find the bands based on personal taste, and what I think I hope students would want to see,” Sofka said. “I work with agents, bands and the school to make shows come together. It’s kind of a dream come true.”

The first opener, Lily and Horn Horse, featured two musicians, Lily Konigsberg and Matt Norman. The duo hail from Hudson, New York, and have been a making music together for about a year.

Overall, the genre of the group was enticing and experimental.

“You’re entitled to your own opinion by the music,” Norman said to the audience. “Tell us if you like us, or dislike us.”

Konigsberg sported lab goggles and a simple black dress while Norman was dressed in everyday pants and a polo T-shirt.

Norman took up the French horn, hence the name of the band, and played some improvised tunes while Konigsberg lip synced and danced. The second opener was Palm, a four-person band from upstate New York. The group featured Eve Alpert on guitar and lead vocals, Gerasimos Livitsanos on bass, Kasra Sarikhanion on guitar and Hugo Stanley on drums. The band has been together for more than five years.

The three guitarists created electrifyingly elegant music. Pumping the stage with their energy made way for a constant, tropical sounding rhythm, while the beat of tiki drums weaved its way smoothly through the guitar chords.

Amanda Levitt, a junior psychology major, appreciated Palm’s sound.

“It was super fun and chill,” Levitt said.  “They really set the stage well for Girlpool and made the night really entertaining.”

Each group, diverse in nature and content, focused on giving their best performance. The vibes reverberating throughout the Brower Student Center made it clear that music is an important part of the College community.

“It’s something to do on a Friday night,” said Celia Federico, a sophomore chemistry major. “Certainly these experiences are what I’ll look back on in my college years.”

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