September 26, 2020
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I-House living / Cultures shared

March 19, 2013 Amy Reynolds 0

From red solo cups to the average yellow school bus, there’s something about the College, and the United States for that matter, that’s “just like the movies.”
For many international students at the College, this is the first time that they’ve visited the United States. However, the International House, located in Townhouses South, has helped to make the transition easier. […]


March 5, 2013 Amy Reynolds 0

This year, approximately 140 rising juniors and seniors who applied for housing did not receive a time slot, according to Emily Dodd, communications officer for Media Relations & Marketing, causing students to question many aspects […]

Program builds friendships, success

February 26, 2013 Amy Reynolds 0

For many young adults with intellectual disabilities, attending a college or university simply isn’t within reach. However, the career and community studies program at the College gives these students the opportunity to attend classes and participate in campus activities as any other college student would. […]


February 26, 2013 Amy Reynolds 0

While students are guaranteed on-campus housing for their freshman and sophomore years, juniors and seniors are not granted this luxury. […]

Why ‘Les Mis’ should take the crown

February 19, 2013 Amy Reynolds 0

Over the years, we’ve seen both books and plays get turned into movies, some done successfully, and some done not so successfully. However, what’s extremely rare is to see a play and a book get turned into a thrilling, beautiful movie with little to no flaws. “Les Mis” did just that. […]

2010 assault arrest

February 5, 2013 Amy Reynolds 0

Two former students from the College were sentenced to probation on Thursday, Jan. 31 for sexually assaulting a freshman woman on campus in the fall 2010 semester, according to The Times of Trenton.

Massimo’s a good price, but not worth the trip

January 30, 2013 Amy Reynolds 0

Princeton is definitely my go-to spot if I’m in the mood for either fro-yo or cupcakes, but I’d never really considered going out to dinner there simply because most of the restaurants are too expensive for the average college student. But after walking by a little restaurant that advertised $7 paninis and fries, I decided to give it a shot. […]

Metro Grill is a little pricey, but worth it

December 6, 2012 Amy Reynolds 0

This past weekend, my family came up to the College for a little visit. So, of course we wanted to go somewhere really good to eat. Although I had never eaten there before, I had heard good reviews about Metro Grill and decided to try it and test it out for myself. […]

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