November 26, 2020

Women and children are being targeted in Juarez

February 11, 2004 Kevin Semanick 0

Every time a child is missing, the country turns its eyes. Authorities hold press conferences and threaten punishment on the kidnappers.

The media plastered the face of Elizabeth Smart everywhere, while cops and community members created armies of lines to search for her. […]

Where is the love for rap music?

November 11, 2003 Kevin Semanick 0

I’m tired of people criticizing rap music. Parents and authority figures often blame school shootings and urban violence on rhymes. The media furthers this stance with various news talk shows.

“Scarborough Country,” hosted by former congressman Joe Scarborough, a one-sided windbag, posed the question, “is rap music bad for kids?” It’s a loaded question and has an inherent bias. […]

Lazy students, careless teachers and dull pencils

October 28, 2003 Kevin Semanick 0

There are coat racks in the new science building, but there are still no pencil sharpeners in the building that houses the mathematics and statistics department. It is no surprise that our school is not a college of national prominence.

There are two reasons we’ll never be touted as one of the nation’s finest colleges. […]

U.S. should execute the death penalty

October 14, 2003 Kevin Semanick 0

The death penalty is a trite moral argument. Proponents of this murderous form of capital punishment are always proposing the same questions.

One claim is that lethal injections are the cheapest form of justice, which is completely untrue. In most instances a capital court case incurs costs five to 10 times that of life imprisonment. […]

Dunk pricey cookies in rotten milk

September 23, 2003 Kevin Semanick 0

I love the complimentary newspapers in Eickhoff. The College actually listened to one of my suggestions last year on those little comment cards. It seems that Sodexho actually opens the comment boxes.

Unfortunately, just about everything else our dining service does seems wrong. […]

Don’t need a coach, I’m ready to play

September 16, 2003 Kevin Semanick 0

Remember Friday afternoons? The bell rang and the buses lined up – it was the weekend. You were too young to drink or go to the movies, but Fridays still meant something.

Before dinner you met your friends on a leaf-covered field across from your house to play football. […]

Don’t listen to everything the tube tells you

September 9, 2003 Kevin Semanick 0

The voices on cable news are deafening (or at least muted on my television). Their slants and biases stretch and destroy traditional definitions of journalism. From these shows, mediatainment, an entire new genre of television has emerged.

Fox News Channel has been said by many as the largest culprit in the industry, despite its slogan of being “Fair and Balanced. […]