November 26, 2020

Season’s pickings

September 29, 2004 Teresa Rivas 0

Autumn is the perfect season to spend outside. The sun is shining, the humidity is gone and the leaves are turning out symphonies of color. So when you feel the need to commune with nature on the weekends or your day off from classes, look no further than our own Mercer County area for fun fall activities. […]

Be cool–go to graduate school

September 22, 2004 Teresa Rivas 0

Being an upperclassman certainly has its perks – having a car, getting to take courses that pertain to your career, maybe living in a single or at least with people of your choice.

There are responsibilities, however, that come with this move up the totem pole, perhaps the most important of which is making the choice between diving into the working pool or going on to further education. […]

Students observe a moment of silence for the missing and murdered women of Juarez at AI’s candlelight vigil on Monday

April 7, 2004 Teresa Rivas 0

Paris-born Louise Bourgeois’ anthropomorphic work “Eyes” is a large marble sculpture that shows the persistence of Surrealist ideals in her late work. Bourgeois’s work is characterized by an idiosyncratic style infused with sexual allusions.

According to art historians, the eye, a recurring motif in Surrealism, served as both a symbol for the act of perception and as an allusion to female sexual anatomy. […]

Legacy of horse abuse makes the list of censored stories in 2003

March 31, 2004 Teresa Rivas 0

Women are given a number of choices today as to the medications they can to take for various health reasons, but many times are not given the information to make the wisest decision.

One of the top 25 censored stories of 2003 concerned the drug Premarin, a top-selling hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which is made from the urine of pregnant female horses (mares) and used in birth control and menopausal treatment. […]

The new face of the World Trade Center site

February 4, 2004 Teresa Rivas 0

September 11th has created a number of heroes in America’s psyche – police officers, firefighters, soldiers, rescue workers, etc. However, a recovering nation is now turning its eyes to a new breed of hero: the architect.

With the January unveiling of Spanish architect Santigo Calatrava’s transportation hub design, the tripartite site plan for the World Trade Center location was completed. […]

My little collection — the ’80s

September 23, 2003 Teresa Rivas 0

Ah, the ’80s. While some people may write this decade off to spandex, big hair, and voodoo economics, there is something about this decade that makes it the best in history – we were born in it.

Sure, we’ve grown up and out of our legwarmers and Transformers pajamas, but many children of the ’80s still carry a special part of this decade with them in their heart. […]

Women need to pay the rent, but brothels not an option

September 16, 2003 Teresa Rivas 0

Hey handsome, if you’re looking for a good time, look no further than the great state of New Jersey.

You know us wild Jersey girls, we’re such entrepreneurs and are always looking for a good time. You can bet that if more than a few of us are living together, we’ll eventually mix business with pleasure. […]

Can I see some ID?

September 9, 2003 Teresa Rivas 25

It’s a day 20 years and 364 days in the making (that’s 183,936 hours, but who’s counting) – your 21st birthday.

Your last few birthdays were downhill since you got your driver’s license. With 18 years under your belt you could vote, join the army, even purchase tobacco and pornography. […]

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

August 25, 2003 Teresa Rivas 0

The end of August is a time of intense heat, humidity and mosquitoes. But for many people this last stretch of summer holds an even more ominous undertone.

Lurking on the horizon are the three words everyone has dreaded since the first September they learned the alphabet song, the nutritional value of crayons and the joy of snack time – back to school. […]

Bright orange shirts express need for sweat-free clothing

April 29, 2003 Teresa Rivas 0

In an effort to raise awareness on campus about sweatshop abuses, an information table staffed by volunteers was set up in the in the student center all day last Thursday for Sweat-Free Day.

The table, borrowed from the Progressive Student Alliance (PSA), held information about companies who use sweatshops, sweatshop abuses, Web sites and things people on campus can do to help. […]

Vigil combats ignorance of eating disorders

April 15, 2003 Teresa Rivas 0

To promote awareness of eating disorders, Delta Phi Epsilon gathered on the steps of Green Hall last Saturday, April 12, to hold a vigil.

One of the sorority’s philanthropies is ANAD (Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders) and the theme of the second annual vigil was “accept yourself, accept others. […]

Women stamped into our memory

March 25, 2003 Teresa Rivas 0

Four women pioneers in the field of journalism, who left an indelible mark on the profession, were honored on commemorative stamps issued by the U.S. Post Office. Ida M. Tarbell, Nellie Bly, Ethel L. Payne and Marguerite Higgins were celebrated by the release of the stamps on Sept. […]

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