October 25, 2020

Pinegrove’s performance enlivens crowd at CUB Alt

By Nicole Howard

Pinegrove headlined the latest CUB Alt showing on Tuesday, April 11, in the Decker Social Space. Half Waif and Have a Good Season opened the night, as they helped set the stage for Pinegrove’s diverse musical palette.

The show brought out a large crowd of fans who were more than ready to dance and sing along to their favorite songs. When Have A Good Season began, the audience bopped around to the music in the background and made friends in the crowd. Each song was received with large smiles and people screaming the lyrics as loud as they could.

The drummer, Dan Sakumoto, played his heart out on the beat-heavy songs and the intense guitar moments left lead singer and guitarist Nicolas Palermo and bass player Daniel Stattner dripping with sweat.

Palermo told the audience that he was going to play “something a little faster if you guys wanna move around,” and there was hardly any control over the moshing, crowd surfing and jumping that ensued.

Have A Good Season ended its set on a high note and left Half Waif to pick up where they left off.

Swaying together as lead singer Nandi Rose Plunkett sang about loss, nostalgia and searching for a home, the crowd pulled tighter in to hear the smooth rhythm of Half Waif.

The mood shifted once Half Waif finished its set, as the audience of strangers seemed to become something more than that.

Half Waif opens for Pinegrove with a melancholy indie rock set. (Jason Proleika / Photo Editor)

The smooth sound of Half Waif opened up for the main act of the night Pinegrove. Recently signed by Run For Cover Records, Pinegrove had a powerful presence onstage and brought sounds of groove, country and even a little rock to Decker.

Karin Flannery, a sophomore interactive multimedia and communication studies double major, said the main reason she came out on Tuesday night was for the good music that she so dearly loves.

“Pinegrove is my favorite band ever!” she shouted as the show began to start. “My favorite thing about them is how unique they are in the music scene.”

Pinegrove gives a powerful performance and keeps the audience hype. (Jason Proleika / Photo Editor)

The rest of the audience definitely shared Flannery’s excitement and fully embraced the moment they had with a band like Pinegrove.

As the night came to a close, the piercing noises in the audience’s ears were met with beaming smiles. Everyone was pleased with how their Tuesday evening had gone and were excited to have sang along with their best friends and favorite bands.

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