October 30, 2020

Soloist night showcases student talent

By Alyssa Louis

Fanelli sings a variety of covers and original songs. (Meagan McDowell / Staff Photographer)

One of the first cool nights of the fall semester was given a warm welcome by acoustic guitars, three student soloists and an audience dressed in flannel.

CUB Alt presented the first  Student Soloist Night of the year on Friday, Sept. 29, in Traditions.

The event was the first of three soloist nights of the semester, according to Jack Sofka, a sophomore English major and CUB Alt co-chair. These events give students the opportunity to showcase their abilities.

“I believe that Student Soloist (and) Band nights are an important, uniting force for a subculture on campus that typically does not get much attention, at least to the mainstream and administrative parts of campus,” Sofka said.

Giancarlo Calvo, a sophomore history major, kicked off the night with covers of Neil Young, Arctic Monkeys and Pixies.

The atmosphere of Traditions was “cozy, intimate and had a coffee shop vibe,” according to Conor Moran, a freshman communication studies major.

Alyssa Fanelli, a junior math and secondary education dual major, followed Calvo with performances of “Issues” by Julia Michaels, “Dangerous Woman” by Ariana Grande, her own take on “Look What You Made Me Do” by Taylor Swift and two original songs, which she debuted for the first time.

She has performed in three previous soloist nights and has performed in coffeehouses in her hometown of Cedar Grove, New Jersey.

Family, friends and lovers of music came out to support the talent of all three soloists.

Fanelli showed her immense appreciation for her friends and fellow Treblemakers — members of the acapella group she belongs to — with a shout-out on stage.

“Creativity is so important on a college campus,” Fanelli said.

Dan Rubio, a junior marketing major and the last performer of the night, sang covers as well as an original song dedicated to his girlfriend. His parents were also in attendance, and proudly recorded his entire set. 

“He sounded like the lead singer of Green Day, Billie Joe Armstrong,” said Amanda Politano, a freshman psychology major. The audience’s applause after each performance was thunderous within the intimate space.

“Overall, I think the performers did a great job and the songs translated well into an acoustic setting,” Moran said.

Performers should reach out to CUB Alt if they are interested in singing at one of the many events offered, said Sofka, who performed in the Student Soloist Night last year.

After watching the performances, Luke Ambrose, a freshman psychology major, decided that he did not just want to attend Student Soloist Night — he wanted to share his talent for music in the next CUB Alt event. After the show, he approached a College Union Board member for more information.

“I thought it was good that people were getting out there and sharing their gifts with other people,” said Ambrose, who will be doing the same in a few weeks.

CUB Alt offers Student Band Nights in addition to soloist nights, giving students many chances to perform or appreciate live music.

“(The event) helps students let loose the same way sports and other extracurriculars help other demographics,” Sofka said.

CUB Alt’s Student Soloist Night brought the campus community together, and will continue to do so throughout the semester. The next event will be held on Oct. 17.

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