October 24, 2020

CUB Alt performers blow crowd away

Fire is Motion plays indie rock pieces. (Miguel Gonzalez / Sports Editor)
Fire is Motion takes pride in its New Jersey roots. (Miguel Gonzalez / Sports Editor)

By Alexis Bell
Staff Writer

The stage in the Brower Student Center was washed in the signature purple hue of CUB Alt’s lighting on Feb. 27, as the growing crowd eagerly awaited the appearances of three featured performers — Laura Stevenson, Major Pursuit and Fire is Motion.

Indie band Major Pursuit took the stage first. Olivia Bellito, the band’s main vocalist, introduced the group. Bellito started the show with a few solo songs, but was later accompanied by the rest of her band.

“I’m really excited to be here,” Bellito said. “I see the shows you have here all the time and I always think ‘I should go to that school.’”

Major Pursuit is from Nazareth, Pennsylvania. The band’s debut album, “We Don’t Make Mistakes, We Have Happy Accidents,” was released in June 2016, and features mellow songs with soft, melodic instrumentation and at times wistful lyricism.

Fire is Motion followed up Major Pursuit’s set with harmonic vocals, as more students trickled in and the audience grew.

The indie rock band drew the crowd in by performing various pieces off its albums such as “Still, I try,” “Flowers in Kawameeh Park” and “Days 1-7.”

Fire is Motion was formed in Union, New Jersey, and is fronted by lead singer and guitarist Adrian Amador. The band’s latest project, “Still, I try,” was released in November 2016, mainly featuring songs with cozy and laid back acoustic instrumentation.

“I haven’t listened to any of their music coming into it but I’m a fan so far and definitely will be listening more after the show,” said Sondra Nieradka, a senior communication studies major and a CUB live event coordinator.

Headliner Laura Stevenson was the final act to take the stage as the crowd waited excitedly for her folk rock, indie and power pop songs.

“I know a few good songs from the headliner Laura Stevenson so I’m excited to see her play,” said Christopher Ratanski, a junior chemistry major and CUB executive board member.

Stevenson, who hails from Long Island, New York, captured the crowd’s attention with her upbeat, high-energy set. With each succeeding song, the audience’s applause progressively grew louder.

Stevenson promoted her latest album, “Cocksure,” at the event and announced her upcoming tour dates across the country. “Cocksure” is her fourth overall album, and Stevenson said that this album had influences from Liz Phair, The Lemonheads, Weezer and The Smoking Popes.

“I’ve never listened to the bands before, but after watching, I definitely will be checking them out on Spotify. (The performances were) a nice surprise,” said Chloe Yelle, a senior urban education and English double major and member of CUB.

Though some students may have been unfamiliar with the bands, the concert’s energetic atmosphere made the event an enjoyable experience.

“I know a little bit about the bands but not a whole lot,” said Christopher Rose, a junior communication studies major. “I’m always excited to hear new music and see what different types are out there.”

As Stevenson left the stage, the crowd’s approval for her performance shone clear as the audience enthusiastically applauded the singer.

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