October 28, 2020

Camp CUB offers students nostalgic fun

By Amanda Ippolito

Students passing by Green Lawn on Thursday, April 5, were treated to an escape back to simpler times, with summer camp-themed snacks, crafts and a rock climbing wall at “Camp CUB,” which was hosted by the College Union Board as part of its Nooner series.

Attendees snacked on free s’mores and trail mix while enjoying the spin art, bracelet and lanyard making stations. Those on the rock wall raced friends to hit the bell at the top first before careening back down in their harnesses.

The spin art station allows students to make fun creations. (Meagan McDowell / Photo Editor)

“I really wanted to bring the nostalgic aspect of summer camp to the campus community,” said Katarina Mendez, a sophomore communication studies major and CUB member who was responsible for choosing the theme and organizing the event. “The Nooner events offer students an opportunity to do something fun and take a break between classes and studying.”

Nooner events are funded through the Student Activity Fee, and usually feature at least one snack and one craft, along with an activity provided by a vendor, such as the rock climbing wall.

For Thursday’s event, Mendez said she wanted a “throwback” theme.

“People have been saying it reminds them of their childhood,” said Kaitlyn Krause, a sophomore marketing major and member of CUB. “That is kind of what we were going for.”

The various food and craft stations were creatively decorated with camp-themed rustic touches such as hand-painted slate signage, tree stump coasters, burlap pennant banners and tree branch pencils.

Isabella Ciccone, a freshman communication studies major, said she often comes out for the CUB Nooners and loved this event’s theme.

“It brought back a lot of nostalgia and memories,” Ciccone said. “You kind of need that when you have exams.”

At the spin art station, students were offered an easy, stress-free way to make their own paint-splatter masterpieces by dropping neon paint onto small paper squares fixed in the spin machines. Some left their art for display at the event tables, while others took their pieces with them. At the bracelet station, students played with colorful string, beads and lanyards to make bracelets or keychains.

As they walked by between classes, students lined up for s’mores, which were warmed up in miniature portable ovens and served by the event company, Any Excuse for a Party!, who also provided the rock climbing wall. Krause said she suspected the windy, 45-degree weather helped to make the s’mores a popular choice.

The wintry weather didn’t keep students from reliving their summer camp memories at Camp CUB.

“When has any camping trip turned out to have good weather anyway?” asked Jimmy Armstrong, a freshman open options science major and CUB member.

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