November 25, 2020

Professor introduces carpooling website

March 27, 2012 Chris Rightmire 26

Students in need of transportation will have a new online tool to help them find rides. The President’s Climate Commitment Committee, or PC3, introduced a new website to facilitate carpooling of all distances among the College’s students and faculty. […]

‘Hunger Games’ keeps you hungry for more

March 27, 2012 Brendan McGrath 0

So, “The Hunger Games” really packs a punch to start off the three-book series it is part of, and Collins follows up well with “Catching Fire.” These two books will bring you through a rush of emotions and prime you up for a great finale. Unfortunately, the third book doesn’t really deliver. It seems to stumble through teen angst in a way that provides no great entertainment, while at the same time diminishing the most significant plot points to a few short lines. […]

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