September 23, 2020

Classic Signals: Pagan spotted on campus

April 26, 2016 Elise Schoening 0

With the end of the semester approaching quickly, stress levels are at an all-time high and students may appear more disheveled than ever. In 2004, one student roamed campus grounds with a cape and walking stick in-hand. But the unusual outfit wasn’t due to finals insanity. Will Lewis was one of a handful of practicing pagans on campus at the time. […]

Former history professor discusses book

April 26, 2016 Signal Contributor 0

Daniel W. Crofts, a former history professor at the College, held a student panel discussion on his book, “Lincoln and the Politics of Slavery: The Other 13th Amendment and the Struggle to Save the Union,” on Thursday, April 21, in room 106 of Loser Hall. […]

Chapter of Phi Mu Alpha returns

April 26, 2016 Morgan Lubner 0

With the return of spring, the foliage and flowers are not the only things coming back to life on campus. The College’s chapter of Phi Mu Alpha, a specialized music fraternity, was rechartered on Sunday, April 3.

IMM majors win Polansky Fellowship

April 26, 2016 Signal Contributor 0

Junior interactive multimedia (IMM) majors Chris Lundy and Ryan Laux both received the Polansky Fellowship. The grant will be used to fund two basic filming and editing seminars led by the duo that will be available for both the College and Trenton, N.J., communities. […]

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