November 26, 2020

90s: Booty-shaking, grunge and a new reality

April 15, 2003 Casie Wexler 0

Where did Mr. Belding go? Why is it that I can see teen sensation Joey MacIntyre on “Boston Public,” but I can’t find that damn Mr. Belding behind any desk on TV?

It seems as though we have all forgotten the beauty of the 90s (intentionally or not) and that the focus today seems to be on the 80s and all of those other decades I can’t remember. […]

Vigil combats ignorance of eating disorders

April 15, 2003 Teresa Rivas 0

To promote awareness of eating disorders, Delta Phi Epsilon gathered on the steps of Green Hall last Saturday, April 12, to hold a vigil.

One of the sorority’s philanthropies is ANAD (Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders) and the theme of the second annual vigil was “accept yourself, accept others. […]

Women use their voices to take back their power

April 8, 2003 Kristina Fiore 0

For the tenth year in a row, the Women’s Center marched for a woman’s power to use her voice.

Last Wednesday night on the steps of Green Hall, men and women gathered to show their support for “Take Back the Night.”

“Over the past 10 years, we have worked hard to break the silence surrounding sexual assault and I hope that we will continue to do so, until the violence stops and a night like tonight is no longer needed,” Emily Bent, senior women’s and gender studies major, said. […]

GUTS spread awareness

April 8, 2003 Jennifer Dressler 0

In an attempt to better educate students about this topic, the Gay Union of Trenton State at TCNJ (GUTS), in conjunction with the Women’s Center, invited speaker Noelle Roop to the College. Roop delivered a lecture concerning rape and sexual assault, Tuesday, in Forcina Hall. […]

Group tells art world to stop monkeying around

April 1, 2003 Daniela Flores 0

The Guerrilla Girls, a group of anonymous female artists, writers and filmmakers who take the names of dead women artists as pseudonyms, brought their ideas of exposing sexism and racism in art, film, politics and culture at large to the College during their presentation in honor of Women’s History Month. […]

Women stamped into our memory

March 25, 2003 Teresa Rivas 0

Four women pioneers in the field of journalism, who left an indelible mark on the profession, were honored on commemorative stamps issued by the U.S. Post Office. Ida M. Tarbell, Nellie Bly, Ethel L. Payne and Marguerite Higgins were celebrated by the release of the stamps on Sept. […]

Tolkien saw ‘Rings’ as new English mythology, scholar says

March 18, 2003 Scott Napolitano 0

For one evening, over 90 members of the College community left a world on the brink of possible war to focus on a different struggle: the battle for Middle Earth in the acclaimed series “Lord of the Rings,” as a part of a lecture presentation made by Edward James, professor of history at the University of Reading in the United Kingdom. […]

Simone De Beauvoir was more than ‘Second Sex’ and Sartre

March 4, 2003 Teresa Rivas 0

One of the most influential of the second wave feminists was Simone de Beauvoir, a French writer and philosopher associated with the existentialist movement and the lifelong partner of French existentialist philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre.

Though her main concerns were social and abortion rights for women, she also advocated extensively for the rights of the elderly and the safety of factory workers. […]

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