November 26, 2020

Women defeat Owls, men suffer first loss

November 18, 2003 Colleen Shea 0

The College women’s swimming and diving team defeated the Owls of Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU), 144-99, this Saturday. The win advances the Lions to 3-1, while SCSU drops to 0-4.

Senior Captain Lauren O’Donnell contributed a first place win in the 50 free, a second place win in the 500 free and joined teammates junior Heather Meirkowski, freshman Kendall Warren and senior captain Aubrey Horvath on the winning 400 free relay team. […]

Scheduling around sleep

November 18, 2003 Kristina Fiore 0

I remember when I was little and used to want to wake up at the crack of dawn on Saturday mornings.

Now, I usually just get into bed at the crack of dawn on Saturdays.

Of course, as we get older, we have different interests (I no longer need to be awake to watch Smurfs), so our schedules are going to be different. […]

I guess I’ll sleep when I’m dead

November 18, 2003 Heather Altz 0

I guess I’ll sleep when I’m dead.

Someone famous said that – I don’t care enough to find out who, but never was there a truer statement made.

College students are notorious for the abuse they put their body through. Some people drink, some smoke and others order greasy take out in the early morning hours. […]

Res. Life positions available

November 18, 2003 Maggie Murphy 0

Applications are due Dec. 1 for student staff positions in Residence Life (Res Life). Positions, including Community Advisor (CA), Community Coordinator (CC), House Assistant (HA) or Student Manager in Residence (SMR).

Students need a cumulative GPA of 2. […]

SGA recruits associate members

November 18, 2003 Meghan Condran 0

The Student Government Association (SGA) held three interest sessions from Nov. 10 through 13 to inform students about how to become associate members.

An associate member is a non-elected member that must apply, sign a contract of agreement and be approved by the SGA executive board. […]

Anonymous vandal reimburses residents for Eickhoff damages

November 18, 2003 Christine Klima 0

About a dozen drawings of male genitalia were drawn with permanent marker and a Vaseline-like substance on wall, doors, door tags and dry erase boards in Eickhoff Hall on morning of Sunday, Nov. 2. Directly following the incident, the guilty party(ies) annonymously left one dollar bills under resident’s doors to repay them for the damages. […]

Vox workshop examines STD prevention

November 18, 2003 Sean Marotta 0

Vox, the Voice of Planned Parenthood, held a women’s sexual health workshop in Eickhoff Hall on Wednesday, Nov. 12. The workshop drew a small crowd of nine, all but one were women.

In addition to promoting sexual health and awareness, Vox attempts to stay current on legislative and political issues relating to sexual health and share the information with the campus community. […]

Carte Blanche promises better value, nutrition

November 18, 2003 Audrey Levine 0

Sodexho sampled its Carte Blanche program in Eickhoff Dining Hall last week. The program offers better values and choices, according to Seve Hugg, district marketing specialist for Sodexho. It’s also easier because student do not have to montior their accounts, he added. […]

Formal proceeds will no longer go to charity

November 18, 2003 Donna Kardos 0

The Formal Committee’s ticket price request of $30 failed, and later passed 9-1-3 with the stipulation that $1.21 from each ticket would not be donated to the Sunshine Foundation, as originally planned.

The formal will be held at King’s Caterer’s in Bristol, Pa. […]

Cop Shop

November 18, 2003 Raj Rajaraman 0

On Oct. 12, at 2:05 a.m., Campus Police responded to a report of a group of individuals throwing water bottles off the Lot 8 parking garage roof. Upon arrival, the officers noticed four men looking over the roof’s ledge.

A fifth unconscious person was sitting in the front passenger seat of a 2001 Ford pickup truck with his head hanging out of the window. […]

Transformed courses stall registration

November 18, 2003 Donna Kardos 0

Many students at the College had problems registering on The Electronic Student Services (T.E.S.S.) because the system failed to recognize prerequisites and provided incorrect credit amounts for certain courses.

“The problems are primarily due to the transformed curriculum and coding within the system,” according to Frank Cooper, director of Records and Registration. […]

Myers: from Trenton State alumna to College official

November 18, 2003 Wendy Bodine 0

When most students graduate from the College, or any college for that matter, the last thing on their minds is coming back, let alone to working there. But, such was the case for Lisa Myers, media relations manager at the College.

Myers graduated in 1992 with a Bachelor of Arts in English, with a concentration in journalism and professional writing. […]

The first amendment protects all speech

November 11, 2003 Lindsay Scarborough 0

I like to think that a college campus is the one place where everyone is free to express their views without fear of retaliation.

We’re in our politically-correct bubble, where everyone has come to let their opinions be heard and learn from each other. […]

Where is the love for rap music?

November 11, 2003 Kevin Semanick 0

I’m tired of people criticizing rap music. Parents and authority figures often blame school shootings and urban violence on rhymes. The media furthers this stance with various news talk shows.

“Scarborough Country,” hosted by former congressman Joe Scarborough, a one-sided windbag, posed the question, “is rap music bad for kids?” It’s a loaded question and has an inherent bias. […]

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